CH341A programmer with test clip for EEPROM

CH341A programmer with test clip for EEPROM

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  • ✅ With powerful chip, this SOP8 clip allows you to program the EEPROM without disassembling the chip, so the BIOS update is easier and more efficient. The USB Programmer is suitable for EEPROM 24CXX / 25CXX / 93CXX and supports both wide body and narrow, with 1.27mm pitch.
  • ✅ The programming speed of the EEPROM programming device is 2-3 times the programming modules of the ATMEGA8 series. The extinguishing programming speed is approximately 2-3 MBit reviews per minute. Also suitable for amateur programmers.
  • ✅ The enclosed adapters help to backup, delete, program, cable and perform other actions of various software programs.
  • ✅ The BIOS Chip Programmer fits on the market for most EEPROM-BIOS-SOP8-SOP16 chips in the 24/25 series. Note: Due to the properties of the CH341A/B chips, the ESMT SST Class 25-chip can only be read and not written.
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Product Name CH341A Programmer mit Test Clip für EEPROM
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Size 84,5x26,3x16,3mm
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Product Description

CH341A programmer with test clip for EEPROM

The AZ Delivery CH341A EEPROM Mini programmers enable a wide range of options for programming BIOS or SPI flash chips, including EEPROMs such as 24xx or 25xx, which can be found in routers, access points, video cards. The ICS and BIOS chips are used in many electronic systems.

  • The application and the procedure are the same, both for Windows as well as under Linux.
  • Due to the base, the programming adapter is comfortable in the application
  • ICS can be programmed with the enclosed connector without having to remove the chip from the board
  • Practical adapters are included in the set.

  • Details:

  • CH341A/B programmer device with USB connection
  • Three adapter boards are included
  • USB button For BIOS/EEPROM with plug
  • 1 x SOP8 test clip
  • 1.8V USB Uart adapter
  • 1 x 8pin to 8pin converter

    Computer memory type:



    Chip wch ch341a/b

    Graphics card interface

    I2C, Spi, Uart

    EEPROM series

    24 / 25 

    Current voltage



    88 x 28 x 15 mm

    Number of USB 2.0 connections




More extensive scope

SPI EEPROM Programmer supports: PC motherboard, LCD monitor, DVD, Router programmer for Windows XP, Vista, Win7 and Win8 (32/64bit) system.

User -friendly operation

The conversion from USB to TTL is supported by this programmer EEPROM and the connection with different chips is very easy.

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