Since some Content Creators are now writing blog posts, we want to introduce a regulated process and achieve a uniform format.

This page explains how the exact procedure is, who the posts go to, what the format should be and how the basic structure of the blog posts should be.

Topics you can cover

We are currently not giving any guidelines regarding the topics, because we want to enable the maximum of creativity. However, the contributions should be suitable for replication, so that the readers can and want to implement these projects.
Topics that only concern a very specific target group should therefore not be the rule.


Preferred writing style

Since we are a medium-sized company from beautiful Bavaria, we want to convey this to the outside through personality and sympathy. So we want you to bring in your own personality. Write as if you were explaining it to a good friend without slipping into an inauthentic role.

The only thing you have to consider is that we always address our readers via "you" and that this must be maintained throughout all blog posts.


Structure of the contribution

 It is clear to us that you cannot structure every post equally, since sometimes a post only needs 3 lines of text and the rest consists of code.
However, the structure should always be followed as much as possible.
Here is the structure:

Introduction (welcome, brief explanation of the project)

    • Basic idea behind the project (how did you come up with it; potential problems and how this project could solve the problem if there is a problem;) It should simply explain why you want to implement the project.
    • Photo of the result of the project or of the current part of the multi-row blog series. So that the reader has a picture of what it should be while reading.


    • Product list with link (products from other companies can of course also be chosen, if possible an Amazon link is preferred)

Hardware assembly

    • Schematic representation (Fritzing / drawing) should be entered first
    • in text form with sub-headlines (if necessary / possible)
    • it should be explained which products are used where and why they were chosen (this is specifically for beginners, so that it is easier to understand why a product is used and how)
    • Add pictures
      • Old days (image content in keywords, if possible - sometimes not necessary)


    • explain the necessary preparation of the software (e.g. libraries etc.)
    • Source code
      • At the beginning of the source code it must be stated which license was used
      • Source code should be well commented

If necessary, explain how to use the structure / project.

Final words with a possible outlook on expansion options.

Format specifications and delivery

As a general rule

  • The article is to be made available as a .doc.
  • Other formats are not desired, since this means a considerable additional effort to enter them into our system, especially if everyone uses a different format.
  • Please send the contribution as .doc / .docx, the images in a ZIP folder, and the code as .txt  be sent.
  • Images must be in the post so that when you add them you know where the images should be in the post
  • Billers have to be made available in a ZIP folder so that they can easily be included in the contribution.
  • At least 1024 pixels wide

Source code

  • Source codes in the post to know where the code in the post should be
  • Source code should be provided as .txt


  • Please send the invoice to Mr. Bonacina every month (email address will be announced)
  • The monthly calculation should contain all blog contributions of the month
  • The calculation date should be in the same month where the blog contributions were submitted
  • Please, all contributions individually on the calculation state
  • Please, the legally necessary components of a calculation consider
  • If you are released loudly §19 UstG sales tax, please note on the calculation
  • If you are not released sales tax, expel please the Ust. on the calculation


  • They are invited to our Slack channel. There can exchange to themselves all contents Creator together
  • Also the communication between AZ-Delivery and you is quick therefore and simply guaranteed
  • Any communication is preferred, as soon as you were invited in Slack, by Slack. If you cannot make friends with Slack at all or want, one can communicate of course also by e-mail further
  • Technical questions or questions with regard to blog ideas please in our IT Verantwortilchen - cp [At] or "Chris IT" on Slack.
  • For all the other questions you turn please to our online shop & marketing manager - humers [At] or "Sasha Humer" on Slack.

MaterialSupply & discount code

  • They preserved from us the material free of charge for every project in which you send as a blog contribution with us.
  • To the order of the material you receive own voucher code which gives you 100% of discount on your order.
  • The voucher code discounts only the goods value, however, not the forwarding expenses.
  • Only the forwarding expenses are to be paid.
  • The voucher code is limited on your account or on your e-mail and only you can order with it.
  • Only the products which are also used for projects which are sent as a blog article may be ordered with the code.
  • With suspicion on abuse or passing on of the code we withhold to us the right to close this immediately. This would also move with itself that your account is closed and you can deliver no other orders to us in the online shop.
  • They can also store away to Themselves a link which inserts your voucher code always automatically. The link lautet: [your personal discount code here insert]


HP: This information is soon reworked, because we change on a system where you can build in the contributions quite slightly in the system. Thus everybody saves involved a lot of time and expenditure and some steps can be jumped over. Till then the information on this side must be considered.


With questions we are available to you very much with pleasure.

On a long and good cooperation we remain

Yours sincerely

Their AZ-Delivery team