Our entry-level offer

The free Nano V3 microcontroller

✅  ATmega328P chipset with 16 MHz clock frequency and 32 KB flash memory (incl. 2 KB for bootloader); simple PC connection via CH340G-USB converter
✅ Separate pin strips! Use the AZDelivery Nano V3 in the smallest space or just practice soldering.
Free tutorial eBook with installation instructions and sample script!
✅ Delivery directly from Germany - Delivered within 2 working days
✅  Accustomed high quality by buying from AZ-Delivery!

Now click on the yellow button and secure the nano microcontroller. Please note that our offer is subject to a limited quota. There are only € 3.90 shipping costs within Germany. Shipping costs also apply to this offer from an order value of € 15. A maximum of one piece per customer.

Your new Nano V3 microcontroller

frequently asked Questions

Why do we give away a microcontroller?
Very easily! We at AZ-Delivery have launched a brand new microcontroller web shop that we want to promote. And so that you can convince yourself of our quality and delivery speed, the very first microcontroller is simply on our account! Once you have seen how reliable we deliver and how high our quality is, you will definitely order from us again next time.

How long does the delivery take?
If you order by 2:00 p.m., we will deliver your consignments within 2 working days within 95% of cases within Germany. If you order outside of Germany, you will receive your free NANO V3 within 2-4 working days.

How many Nano V3 can be ordered?
Our offer is limited to new customers and due to the high demand to one piece per person.

Where does the nano microcontroller come from?
We ship our Nano V3 from Deggendorf in Bavaria - directly from our company headquarters. You will receive quality goods from Germany within a very short time and do not have to expect parcels from the Far East!