ESP8266 with OLED (troubleshooting)

Hello everyone 

customers repeatedly contact us about the problems with our OLED displays. We have our e-book for the displays, but it only deals with commissioning for Arduino or Raspberry. That's why I want to show today how to get to your destination quickly in case of problems with the displays.

We need:

  • NodeMCU
  • OLed Display 0.96"
  • OLed Display 1.3"

There are many different libraries to choose from for the graphic output on the OLED:


Since there is a libary for ESPs here, we opt for this example, install the library and open the included demo sketch SSD1306SimpleDemo. At the beginning of the sketch we have the possibility to configure the sketch for our needs:

We also see the planned pin assignment, after which we connect our display. We start with the 1.3" Oled.

If our display is connected to our NodeMCU by print and table, we compile the sketch and load it on our ESP.

We see:

This image shows when the controller configured in the Sketch does not match the chip installed on the display. We proceed after try&error and, if you suspect, simply change the chip defined in the sketch:

We recompile and upload the sketch again:

As we see, the display now works wonderfully, further to 0.96" OLED: We wire again after sketch and imprint (caution: vCC and GND exchange) and see the following picture:

Amazing, but the display works without defining the right controller. However, the resolution or placement does not match, as we can see here:

There is still a problem that we have not described, what to do if the display is properly wired and still no image is displayed?

There are still possibilities for this, which we want to exclude point by point:

  • The display is wired incorrectly
  • The display is properly wired, the pins with the jumper cables have a contact problem.
  • The pins used do not support I2C -> see pinout for the respective microcontroller
  • The I2C address used in the Sketch is incorrect -> with i2cScan Read
  • The display is defective -> get in touch with our support, we will deliver replacements.

I hope to have covered most of our customers' problems and wish all the makers out there happy tinkering :)

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Hallo, endlich habe ich das Display ans laufen bekommen.
Funktioniert das auch mit dem 0.66" Display?



Bin begeistert das so schnell funktioniert. Danke für die hilfreiche Anleitung zum Display.



Leider funktioniert dieser Sketch bei mir nicht mit einer Hardware aus der ESP-Familie!
Arduino 1.8.10 I2C erfordert (wie oben beschrieben) kein include für wire.h, kann auch nicht separat heruntergeladen werden. Im obigen Sketch kann ich zwar das include auskommentieren, aber dann erfolgt die Fehlermeldung, dass wire.h fehlt.

Horst Danowski

Horst Danowski

Endlich mal eine gute Erklärung, hat super funktioniert !!

Robert Brettschneider

Robert Brettschneider

Endlich bekomme ich das Display zum laufen.
Und ich verstehe nun auch, warum nur „ schneegestöber „ zu sehen gewesen ist.
Danke das Ihr jeden Tag ein Problem angeht!

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