Impressions of MakeMunich 2019

Today we would like to introduce you to a slightly different blog.

We were on the road again and visited the MakeMunich on the weekend of 02.-03.03.2019. At this point we would like to show you some impressions again.

It was very noticeable that a 3D printer could be found at almost every 2nd stand. The latest 3D printing invention is apparently printing food.

One of the stalls presented biscuits with chocolate decoration:

Another stand printed whole lettering from chocolate:

In addition to chocolate, other foods were also used for printing, such as pancakes:

Here, a 3D printer prints directly on to the hot stove top. Among other things, there were also deliciously printed smilies to eat.


But also normal games with microcontrollers were shown, such as here a remote controlled device, which can receive control signals via WLAN or 433 MHz:

Equally interesting was an LED cube on which Snake could be played, the whole thing even in multiplayer mode. Only a certain color of "pixels" may be recorded by your own snake. The difficulty that has been added here, the cube has 6 sides, of which you as a player could not always see all sides and are on the way in partly blind flight...

There were also some exhibitors who had only optical illusions or optical gags, among others there was also an intelligent mirror or as seen here an infinity mirror in cube form:

A lot of home-made things have been shown, whether it's a PC, a giant drone or a self-developed game:

Recycling or upcycling of waste or raw materials was also an often seen topic. A precious plastic stand was also represented here, producing new plastic products from melted plastic waste.

One of the many highlights is also the specialist lectures, which took place on a wide range of topics. For me, the live screening of the Es'hail-2 satellite communication of the DARC was one of the most exciting projects at MakeMunich.


Conclusion of our visit: The MakeMunich is a very well attended MakerFaire, with many different facets. You can spend hours discussing, exchanging experiences and simplistic simplistics at almost every stand. Everyone who wasn't there missed something. It is definitely a long journey and the entrance fee (15€ adult / 8€ child) value. 

More information on the official homepage: Make-Munich



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