Brief overview of PCB production

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today I would like to provide a short overview for the production of own printed circuit boards in small quantities. In addition, we have tested one of the easiest for you.

Part 1, Creation of the data:

For the professional creation of data for the production of printed circuit boards offers as good a solution as any major manufacturer of CAD software. Depending on the scope and purpose of use. AutoDesk, for example, provides Eagle what is still taught in (vocational) schools:

Since many OpenSourceboards are available for download on the net and these are usually made available in BRD or SCH format, you can hardly get past EAGLE. However, the file formats can be imported in almost all programs due to the high degree of distribution.

For boards of directors, especially in mechanical engineering, Solidworks Known. Both variants are intended for professional use and are therefore high-priced for commercial use, and a certain training time is required.

Even more user-friendly and free of charge for private use Target3001 Or Fritzing.

Target has been around for quite a long time, has an interface for making the plates and a great integration, many models created by the community, such as our mini power supply or the D1 mini. It is the more professional solution of the two applications, but also requires some training time. On a positive note, I would like to mention that the German engineering office is available as the author of the software with support.

Fritzing is probably the easiest (still sinful) method of designing printed circuit boards. Many of you are probably already familiar with some wiring plans of previous blog posts or even for creating small circuits with Arduino & Co

If you have created your circuit with Fritzing you can route and export it under the tab "PCB":

As a final step, you need to decide how you want to make the printed circuit boards and select the appropriate file format. If you want to have your board ready for order, you can download the production data in Gerber format. There is also the option to have the plate made directly from Fritzing out. Fritzing offers its own service for this purpose or also provides it to other domestic manufacturers such as Conrad. You can also order the board already stocked. It is one of the more exlusiver ways to get individual circuit boards.

Since I urgently needed an adapter plate some time ago, I had decided on the design with EAGLE and the production in Germany, the cost of the unstocked print plate in business card format was about 30€ per piece and were built within 3 working days Delivered.

At the end of today's article, I would like to briefly show you the most creative, if not quite sinful, method: you can also draw your printed circuit boards:

In part 2 of the article, I present various manufacturing methods in practice, including milling or etching, as well as manufacturing using a laser.

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Jörg Kirchhof

Jörg Kirchhof

Zur Schaltplan- / Leiterplattenerstellung gibt es eine bessere Alternative zu zu Eagle7/Target und &,
Freeware, Opensource , deutschsprachige Hilfe → KiCad V5x (
Keinerlei Limitationen , hirarchische Schaltpläne , Kann Eagle-Projekte importieren usw. …
seit Version 5x komplettpaket mit umfangreichen Bibliotheken symbol/Footprint/3D
Alle nahmhaften Microcontroller , Röhren Zb.ECC83 , bishin zu FPGA’s wie Xilinx XCV150_BG352.
Cad-Daten können bei Digikey( heruntergeladen werden oder auch selbst
erstellt werden. Erstellung von Gerberdaten + Gerberviewer.
Vielspass beim ausprobieren .



Ich habe sehr gute Erfahrungen mit EasyEDA gemacht. LayOut einfach zu erstellen > Hochladen → Bestellen und aus CH erfolgt die Lieferung. Dauert je nach Zeit im heimischen Zoll 8-12 Tage. 5 Stück (100 × 100 mm 2-lagig) kosten 4,-€ + ca. 9,—€ Porto.

Wolf Ludwig

Wolf Ludwig

Sehr zu empfehlen: SprintLayout von ABACOM. Hält absolut, was der Name verspricht.



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