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Hello everybody,

we have had one for some time Makerbot Replicator 2X  with dual extruder in-house to print models relatively quickly and easily. We mainly use this printer with a layer resolution of 0.2mm, since this is sufficient for most applications and represents a good compromise between printing time, stability and accuracy. With this printer it is also relatively easy to print with a layer resolution of 0.1mm. With very high quality filament (not from Makerbot!) We also managed to get a few prints with 0.05mm resolution, it was not easy and comfortable.

Well, Christmas is coming and our boss has given us presents:

A new 3-D printer is hidden in the box:

The Anycubic Photon  a 3D printer that cures with LED / LCD UV-sensitive resin with 405nm and thus enables high-resolution and filigree prints:

After unpacking it is only necessary to screw on the door handle. The accessories were well packed in the interior:

To our great surprise, the case is made entirely of metal. Everything makes an impression of exceptional quality for this price. The interior parts are all made of anodized aluminum:

In the rear right corner there is a fan for extracting the vapors with a piece of activated carbon filter:

The scope of delivery also surprised us:

In addition to tools, filters, gloves and 250ml resin, there was also a replacement film for the resin pool. It is particularly worth mentioning German!!! operation manual  of the manufacturer, as well as videos for commissioning YouTube.

The leveling of the pressure plate was, as described in the video, quite easy and according to the manufacturer it should be a one-time thing which we can confirm so far.

The only criticism so far is the included USB stick, which could not be read by all PCs and made a very poor impression. On this stick was the software, an instruction manual in Chinese and English and a trial model. We got the latest version from the manufacturer and scaled down our first model to 50% to save time and resin. The firmware of the printer was up to date, an update was not necessary.

The first print attempt:

Was successful straight away:

We were very impressed with the quality of the pressure piece. With the first attempt, we were able to produce a model that the Makerbot did not succeed after months of practice.

The cube was printed with an exposure time of 8 seconds and was still quite soft after removal from the printing plate. UV LEDs for post-curing have already been ordered. After cleaning the pressure piece with ethanol, it is lying in the sun (if available).

In subsequent contributions we will build an exposure chamber, show pitfalls in printing, check the dimensional accuracy and compare with printing pieces from the Makerbot.

Until the next post :)


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Martin Fitzke

Martin Fitzke

Ein schönes Weihnachtsgeschenk und ein toller Bericht. Ich hatte diese Art 3D Drucker auch schon beäugt.
Mich würde interessieren wie der Preisvergleich zwischen dem Harz und einem guten Filament ausschaut.
Danke für den Beitrag und frohes Probieren.

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