QR-Code mit ESP32 & Oled

Hello community,

Today I would like to present an interesting project: We generate a QR code, stored in the source code, with our ESP32Dev board and the AZ delivery 1.3 "Oled Display.

For this we need:
2 breadboards
1 ESP32 Dev module
1 1.3 "Oled
1 power bank (optional)

The wiring:

ESP32 NodeMCU OLED 1.3 "
3.3V VCC


Libarys required:



#include <qrcode.H>
#include <SH1106.H>

SH1106  display(0x3c, 21, 22);
QRcode qrcode (&display);

void set up() {     Serial.begin(115200);     Serial.println("");     Serial.println("Generating ...");     display.init();     display.clear();     display.display();     // Initialize QRcode display using library     qrcode.init();     // create qrcode     qrcode.create("http://flyt.it/kundenservice-rueckmeldung");


void loop() { }


Modifications / work steps:

  • first we have that I2C address  of our display
  • Crafted a large breadboard
  • Adaptation of the display: The ESP8226 / 32 Oled SSD1306 Libary also supports the SH1106 controller
  • Ignore error message from QR-Libary about compatibility with ESP32 :-)


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