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Your new book for Arduino

✅ With the Arduino compendium, you will learn all the necessary basics in the area of ​​electronics and programming in a practical way in order to be able to implement your own exciting projects with the Arduino with well -founded background knowledge.

✅ All relevant components such as various displays, sensors, actuators and Shields are presented so that you can use a comprehensive repertoire of opportunities for your own projects.

✅ Many different projects such as a MQTT Smart Home System, a self-driving robot or an Arduino alarm clock are presented and explained, so they have a lot of inspiration and learn to plan and implement their own extensive projects with the Arduino.

✅ You get the hardcover with over 500 pages completely printed in color and the eBook as a PDF free of charge!

A glimpse to your new book

✅ The basics of electronics are easily explained in an easy -to -understand manner so that they have solid background knowledge for their own projects.

✅ The programming of the Arduino via Arduino IDE is also extensively treated and illustrated using many practical examples and exercises.

✅ All important sensors, actuators and accessories and their use with Arduino are presented, so that you have a comprehensive repertoire of opportunities for your projects with Arduino.

✅ The possibilities for connecting Arduino to the Internet and which Internet applications are possible with Arduino are also covered in details. Whether it's your own Arduino web server or an MQTT smart home system, you'll get the instructions here.

✅ With efficient troubleshooting and program optimization you will learn to program your Arduino even more skillfully and by creating your own circuit boards you will be able to implement your professional projects with the Arduino.