0.28 inch mini digital voltmeter voltage measure with 7 -segment display 2.5V - 30V compatible with Arduino

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✔️ Precise measurement: Voltages from 2.5-30V can be reliably measured by this mini voltmeter.
✔️ Multiple applications: Checking 18650 batteries or car batteries is quick and easy with the help of the soldered cables.
✔️ Built-in potentiometer: Precise measurements can be carried out with this voltmeter without any problems, due to the built-in potentiometer an exact calibration is possible.
✔️ Four digital voltmeter: The voltmeters come with four display colors, so there is the right color for every application.

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0.28 Inch Mini Digital Voltmeter with 7 Segment Display 2.5V - 30V Voltmeter Module

The reading of voltages is not complicated and fast with this mini voltmeter. The module is ideally suited to be permanently installed in a housing or other structure. But also the quick testing of batteries or accumulators is no problem thanks to the soldered cables. Simply connect the black cable to the negative pole of the battery and the red cable to the positive pole of the battery. 

The reverse polarity protection makes it safer to use, especially for temporary setups. If the measurement result must be very accurate, the voltmeter can be calibrated, via the potentiometer on the back. It is still important to know that the different display colors also bring different minimum voltages. This is because the different colored LEDs require different amounts of voltage to light up. The voltmeter with the red display can measure from 2.5-30V. The modules with the green and yellow display work from 2.6-30V and the one with the blue display works from 3-30V. 


✔️ Measuring range: 2.5V/2.6V/3.0-30V 

✔️ Operating voltage: Min. 3V 

✔️ Display: 0.28" LED 

✔️ Display colors: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue 

✔️ Measurement accuracy: +- 5%. 

✔️ Cable length: approx. 20cm 

✔️ Dimensions: 31x14x10mm 

✔️ Weight: 4g 

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