2-channel relay module 5V with optocoupler low-level trigger compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi

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✔️ This microcontroller compatible board with two relays for max. 50 V AC / 5 A or 30 V DC / 5 A each is perfect for all different DIY projects.
✔️ This 5V 2-channel relay module with optocouplers is perfect for controlling up to 2 devices with larger current.
✔️ Likewise, the module is equipped with generously dimensioned relays to reliably perform many switching operations.
✔️ Each channel of the module is additionally connected to an LED that indicates the switching state of the relay. The practical drill holes allow the module to be securely mounted in enclosures.

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AZ-Delivery 2 relay module consists of two LEDs, four resistors, two NPN transistors, two rectifier diodes and two relays that can handle up to 5A 50V AC.

Relays are widely used in remote control, communication, mechatronics, power electronics, etc. They can also be used to control high power voltage/current electronics (such as AC or DC motors, AC devices, etc.).


  • Thanks to an additional transistor, the module can be switched with most microcontrollers with little current.
  • Equipped with transistors, diodes and optocouplers, the module switches higher loads safely and reliably.
  • Generously dimensioned to allow permanent operation even under unfavorable operating conditions.

Technical specifications

Type 2-channel
Dimensions 49 x 51mm [1.9 x 2in]
Maximum DC 5a 30V
Maximum ac 5a 50V
TTL tax signal 5V DC
Contact type Both: Usually closed - NC, usually open - NO

Microcontroller compatibility

This 2-relay module is characterized by high and reliable compatibility with various microcontrollers, which facilitates integration into projects.

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