MAX7219 8x8 1 Dot Matrix MCU LED Display Module Compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi

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✔️ Bright LED display with 64 dots; resolution 8 x 8 LEDs
✔️ Dimensions (LxWxH): 32 x 32 x 7* mm (* 11 mm incl. pins)
✔️ Red LEDs with a diameter of 3 mm and a gap of 1 mm each
✔️ Incl. cable and additional pin strip for easy matrix expandability

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  • LED Matrix Display
  • With 64 (8x8) LEDs
  • Control of all LEDs via a single data cable
  • LED matrices can be interconnected to form a network
  • The red LED dots have a 3 mm diameter and a 1 mm space between them
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Highly scalable from a single 64-LED panel to a small LED wall, the bright, red-illuminated modules are suitable for displays with long-distance effects. At the same time, the AZ-Delivery LED matrix with 256 LEDs consumes a maximum of only 160 mA, so that it can be conveniently operated without an additional power source via e.g. a microcontroller. The MAX7219 LED drivers are controlled via SPI data protocol using only 5 cables - even if you connect several modules together.

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