WS2812B Matrix LED Panel Module with individually addressable RGB LED Pixels

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The LED matrix is extremely durable and flexible. The matrix is made of high quality materials that allow the module to adapt to many surfaces. It can be gently bent over different surfaces to fit individual requirements.
It is a modern and user-friendly design with RGBs that are individually addressable. The module has 3 PIN male,3 PIN female connectors and 2 PIN power supply.
It can be used for a variety of projects. It is designed to be compatible with different controllers and can create different effects, such as: music mode, rolling subtitles, image display, video display and fireworks effect
Due to its flexible arrangement, the Matrix Panel is very popular for large-area displays.

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Thanks to its great compatibility and adaptability, this LED panel can meet a lot of requirements!

Special features

  • Thanks to its high -quality cables, the module can be supplied with enough electricity without any problems

Technical specifications

Emitting color Pixel RGB, IC WS2812B
Operating voltage DC 5V
Perfomance 0.3W/pixel
Waterproofness not waterproof
Work mode External controller/Arduino compatible
Connection VCC: red; GND: black/white; Dat: blue


The module is made of high-quality electronics materials and therefore very resistant and versatile.

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