Starter kit with resistances, power supply module and DC motor, sensors and much more. Compatible with Arduino

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Our electronics kit contains various elements for electronic projects related to buttons, LED and engines. It is ideal for starting electronics.
This electrical engineering modular system makes programming easier because it consists of many components and represents a perfect combination of electronics and programming.
The complete starter kit is 100% compatible with the Arduino IDE for various electronics projects.
WARNING: The input voltage of the MB102 Breadboard power supply is 6.5V - 9V (DC) over a 5.5 mm x 2.1 mm plug. Please don't overload it, otherwise it will burn your board and chips.

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AZ-Delivery Starter Kit Electronics for beginners offers numerous opportunities to learn microelectronics, programming and electronics. The set is perfect for simple projects and thus also for school children and young people.

Component list

5 pcs. White LED 5 pcs. Yellow LED
5 pcs. Blue LED 5 pcs. Green LED
5 pcs. Red LED 1 pc. RGB LED
2 pieces. Photo resistance 1 pc. Thermistor
2 pieces. Diodes rectifier (1N4007) 2 pieces. NPN transistor (PN2222)
1 pc. Tilting switch 5 pcs. Button (small)
1 pc. IC L293D 1 pc. IC 74HC595
1 pc. Active buzzer 1 pc. Passive buzzer
1 pc. Potentiometer 1 pc. 5V relay
1 pc. 830 point Breadboard 1 pcc
1 pc. Ultrasound sensor 1 pc. Fan wing
1 pc. 65 jumper cable 1 pc. USB cable
10 pcs. Resistance (10r) 10 pcs. Resistance (100r)
10 pcs. Resistance (220r) 10 pcs. Resistance (330r)
10 pcs. Resistance (1k) 10 pcs. Resistance (2K))
10 pcs. Resistance (5k1) 10 pcs. Resistance (10k)
10 pcs. Resistance (100k) 10 pcs. Resistance (1m)
10 pcs. Dupont wire (female/ male) 1 pc. Resistance identification card
1 piece of microcontroller with Atmega16u2


Attractive packaging

The simple and portable box arranges and sorts all components in a practical packaging. So finding the components is easy and quick.

Comprehensive set

This kit contains resistors, LEDs, transistors and other basic components that you need for entry and projects.

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