Breadboard kit - 3 x 65stk. Jumper Wire Kabel M2M and 3 x mini Breadboard 400 pins compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi

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✔️ One set male to male jumper wire cable with connector for plugboards / breadboards. (3 x 65 pieces)
✔️ Our AZDelivery jumper cables of different lengths (25cm/20cm/16cm/12cm) can completely bridge even large pegboards.
✔️ AZDelivery plug-in board is perfectly suitable for quick construction of electronic circuits with 400 contacts compatible with Raspberry Pi.
✔️ AZDelivery Breadboard Kit is ideal for experimental setups in laboratory, industry, university, schools, hobby and model making.

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With this AZ premium product you acquire high quality jumper cables (jumpers) male to male with a special copper alloy and a high quality mini plug board with 400 pins.
Unlike most other jumper cables on the market with aluminum inside, these cables break extremely rarely.

Due to strict quality control after production, the connectors fit tightly and securely on our breadboards.
By using special plasticizers, these cables are odorless and skin-friendly.

Welcome to the AZ-Delivery-Family! Here you will find high quality products for your projects with Raspberry Pi.
We are happy to offer you a range of application examples, complete installation guides, e-books, libraries and personal support.

AZ-Delivery: Your microelectronics expert!

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