Electronics Super Starter Kit and the 25 best projects for Arduino and ESP Book

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✅Practical electronic starter set for the entry into electronics. This package contains various elements for projects on buttons, LEDs and motors
✅The LCD display included in the set is already soldered and can therefore be easily integrated into projects.
✅With the help of the libraries and data sheets provided, our set is ideal for both experienced makers and beginners and represents a perfect combination of electronics and programming.
✅Warning: The input voltage of these power supply modules is 6.5v - 9v (DC) via a 5.5mm x 2.1mm plug. Please DO NOT overcharge it, or it will burn your board and chips. Extremely comprehensive e-book available for free!

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When buying the Electronics of super starter kits Get the book "The 25 best projects to recreate" for free in addition!

The AZ-Delivery DIY Electronics Kit is a set for all your projects. It contains a controller board and a USB cable, as well as a box for small parts, such as LEDs, ICs, buttons, diodes, etc.

Component list

65 bridge wire Stepper motor
Servomotor SG90 LCD1602 with I2C adapter
Joystick module Membrankontakt module (film keyboard)
5V relay F-M dupont wire
DHT11 sensor module 9V battery connection
Diodes rectifier 1N4007 Small button
Thermistor Transistor PN2222
RGB LED LED red 5Stk
LED yellow 5stk. LED blue 5Stk.
AZ-ATMEGA328DIP board with cable Prototype shielding
830-pin Breadboard IR remote control
Breadboard power supply Resistance 100 pieces
Uln2003 stepper driver driver board Ultrasound sensor
Water level detector Fan wheel and 3V DC engine
4-digit 7-segment display 1-digit 7-segment display
IR receiver module Sound sensor module
L293D engine driver IC 74HC595
Tilting switch Active buzzer
Passive summer Photo resistance 2 pcs.
LED green 5stk.

The 25 best projects for Arduino and ESP

Have you already taken the first steps in the Arduino world and are you ready for new challenges? In this book, 25 varied projects full of creative ideas from a bicycle computer to the LED wall await you to be conquered by you. Connect your balcony flowers on the Internet of Things and teach a robot to balance it! The craftsmanship and programming requirements are gradually increasing - but don't worry, the author helps with tips and tricks about small and large hurdles. In each chapter, a technical topic is also examined in more detail. By the way, they learn how to make a tin can a touch sensor and how an e-paper display actually works.

Content of the book:

  • 25 projects with Arduino and D1-Mini
  • Detailed explanation of selected aspects of electronics and programming: port register, capacitive sensors, shock detection, self-sufficient power supply, collision detection, analog controls, touch displays, serial operating surfaces, rotary angle, pseudo-fay, RFID, pixel mapping, shipping switch -Down converter, Bluetooth connections, gyro sensor, PID controller
  • Programming the games "Snake" and "Pong"
  • List of sources of supply for all materials used
  • Consideration of frequent problems and their solution

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