USB Charger Doctor Multimeter Charger Detector Current Meter Voltage Meter Digital Voltmeter

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✅Überprüfen Sie die ausgehende Leistung ihres USB Ports zum Endgerät und lesen Sie den Strom und die Spannung direkt in Echtzeit ab.
✅Unser AZDelivery USB Charger Doctor unterstützt 0,0 A - 3,0 A / 3,5 V - 7,0 V mit einer Genauigkeit von 0,01 A und 0,01 V.
✅Sie erwerben einen sehr leichten, tragbaren und praktischen Multimeter für den täglichen und mobilen Gebrauch.
✅Unterstützung von USB 1.x- und 2.x-Verbindungen bei allen Datengeschwindigkeiten.

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One USB Charger Doctor Multimeter, also known as USB power meter, is a device that can measure the voltage, current and power consumption of a USB device. It can be plugged between a USB device and a USB power source, such as a computer or a USB wall charger, to measure the electrical parameters. It is a useful tool for measuring the charging current and voltage of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, as well as monitoring the power consumption of other USB devices such as USB fans and LED lights.

It can also be used to troubleshoot charging problems by measuring the voltage and current of a USB charger and the device being charged. It can also help ensure that a USB device is operating within safe voltage and current limits.

  • Check the outgoing power of their USB port to the end device and read the current and voltage directly on the display in real time.
  • Measure the current and voltage output chargers, car chargers, external batteries and PC, to detect whether the charger is working.
  • Accurately measure the voltage and current of a USB power supply, but it is smaller, more portable and convenient than a large and expensive multimeter.
  • Usual high quality and fast delivery directly from Germany at discount price by ordering from AZ-Delivery!

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