D1 Mini V3 Nodemcu with ESP8266-12F WLAN module compatible with Arduino

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✔️ The ESP8266EX D1 Mini Module is a WLAN development board with CH340C chip and micro USB connector.
✔️ This development board has 11 digital input / output pins and all pins (except D0) have interrupt / PWM / I2C / 1-wire.
✔️ With dimensions of 34 x 26 x 8 mm, our D1 Mini ESP8266EX is compact and offers you 4 MB of flash memory for all your projects.
✔️ It is compatible with MicroPython and NodeMCU.

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The D1 Mini V3.0 is a so-called "physical computing platform" similar to the modules of the well-known Arduino family. The module consists of two components, a USB to serial converter (CH340C) and a microcontroller with highly integrated TCP/IP stack (ESP8266EX).

The latest version of our D1 Mini module has been fundamentally revised. Attention was paid to 100% pin and code compatibility, so all "shields" for the D1 Mini can be used without any changes.

This AZDelivery D1 has a solder bridge on the backside for the sleep mode, so the "Deep Sleep Mode" can be used even more comfortable.

The two additional mounting options on this board allow the D1 Mini to be easily mounted in cases.

This board also has an integrated self-resetting fuse for protection.


  • Size: 34 x 26 x 8 mm
  • Main chip: ESP8266EX CH340C
  • Storage space: 4 MB
  • 11 digital input / output pins and all pins (except D0) have interrupt / pwm / i2c / 1 wire
  • 1 analog input (3.2 V max input)
  • Compatible with Arduino, Micropython and Nodemcu

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x D1 Mini V3.0 module
  • E-book for easy entry

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