DHT22 AM2302 Temperature sensor and air humidity sensor with a circuit board and cable compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi

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✅ Der DHT22 ist ein zuverlässiger Sensor zur Ermittlung von Temperatur und Luftfeuchtigkeit.
✔️ Since the sensor can be operated with both 3.3V and 5V, it is suitable for connecting to all common boards such as RN-Control, Raspberry Pi and all other microcontrollers.
✅ Neben der Betriebsspannung muss lediglich ein Port mit dem Sensor verbunden werden.
✅ Die Ausgabe erfolgt seriell als digitale Bitfolge. Somit eignet sich der Sensor ideal, um das Raumklima zu überwachen oder eine Wetterstation aufzubauen.

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The AZDelivery DHT22/AM2302 is a low cost, reliable digital temperature and humidity sensor and the successor of the widely used DHT11. This module is suitable for both 5V and 3.3V microcontrollers.


  • Using capacitive moisture sensor and hot conductor, the sensor measures surrounding air data and passes these values ​​further as a digital signal to the data PIN (no analog input pins are required).
  • For advanced users, the sensor module can also be controlled directly, without library.

Technical specifications

Supply voltage 3.3-6V DC
Output signal Digital signal via single bus
Sensor element Polymer capacitor
Work area moisture 0-100%RH
Work area temperature -40 - 80 Celsius
Detection duration 2 seconds
Interchangeability Full interchangeability
Accuracy Moisture +-2-5% RH; temperature

Digital signal collecting technology

The AM2302 uses an exclusive digital signal collection technique and moisture measurement technology that ensures its reliability and stability.

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