DIY LED Christmas tree kit for soldering with colorful flashing lights

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🎁 Secure the ideal gift for your electronics and craft-loving loved ones with our DIY tree kit for the festive DIY tree. Spread a cheerful and pre-Christmas mood with this set!
✅ Das perfekte Lötset für Einsteiger! Tauchen Sie mit unserem weihnachtlichen Lötbausatz in die spannende Welt der Mikroelektronik ein! Lernen Sie ganz einfach und mit detaillierter Anleitung im kostenlosen E-Book für Groß und Klein wie man seine ersten Projekte selbst bastelt.
🎁 The 3D Christmas tree offers you lights in 7 Happy changing colors. Whether Christmas, colorful lighting as a decoration or as an electronics kit for a lover for inventors, there is something for everyone!
✅ Ein echter Hingucker auf jeder Weihnachts-Party. Die elektronischen 🎄 Mini-Weihnachtsbäume 🎄 von AZ-Delivery.

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Improved version of the popular DIY Christmas tree

Are you still looking for the right gift for Christmas? AZ-Delivery, your expert in microelectronics, offers you a festive solution!

Make your loved ones happy with the DIY Christmas tree. Whether for children or for adults, the DIY tree will guarantee Crafting fun for all.

This kit to solder yourself is suitable Ideal for beginners and even for Children to take the first steps towards creative and complex microelectronics projects.

The new version of the LED tree lights up in vibrant colors and fills every room with Christmas atmosphere.

This set includes:

  • ✔️ 1x 3D Christmas tree (consisting of 3 parts).
  • ✔️ 38x LED diodes in 7 changing colors
  • ✔️ 13x resistors (7x 100 Ohm, 6x 4.7 kOhm)
  • ✔️ 6x electrolytic capacitors 47µF
  • ✔️ 6x NPN transistors
  • ✔️ 1x USB power supply cable
  • ✔️ 1x USB mini connector socket, 1x switch button, 2x screws + nut,
  • ✔️ 1x battery compartment (AA)
  • ✔️ Size: 60 mm x 60 mm x 140 mm, incl. battery holder.

Simply beautiful!

The perfect Christmas decoration for home or your workplace!


The optimal occupation for the cold season: a Christmas soldering set for beginners or advanced.

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