Electronics Basic Starter Kit with MCU, Breadboard, Sensor modules and resistance set compatible with Arduino

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Our electrical engineering construction kit consists of various sensors, breadboards and modules, which is also perfect for young people to get started in microelectronics.
This electronics learning kit contains more than 70 components. Compatible with Arduino IDE, Raspberry pi and other microcontroller boards.
Perfect as a DIY kit for both teens and newbies as well as experienced makers with an extensive range of uses.
Warning: The input voltage of MB102 breadboard power supply is 6.5v - 9v (DC) via 5.5mm x 2.1mm connector. Please DO NOT overload it, otherwise it will damage boards and chips.

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AZ-Delivery electronics kit for school children is the perfect way to learn about science, technology and electronics. This DIY set opens the door to a whole new world, and in a fun way.

Component list

5 pcs 5 stk.grüne LED
5 pcs. Red LED 1 stk.rgb-LED
1 stk.thermistor 1 pcipper switch
2 stk. photo resistance 10 stk.dupont wire (plug-on-plug)
30 pieces 3 types of resistors 6 pieces buttons
1 stk. potentiometer (10k) 1 pc. Active Summer
1 stk.Passiver Buzzer 1 pc. DHT11
1 piece of 1-digit 7-segment display 1 piece .. water level recognition sensor module
1 pc. Microphone module 1 stk. floor moisture sensor
1 stk. Obstacle avoidance module 1 stk.usb cable
1 stk.microcontroller with CH340 1 pc. Mini Breadboard

Learn electronics playfully

Who says science is boring? With this project kit, children can learn in an entertaining way through technology, coding and microelectronics.

Suitable for school children

With this DIY set electronics, the complicated programming is made simple and interesting so that school children can also get started with technology.

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