FT232 USB 2.0 to TTL RS485 Serial to USB Adapter | Serial Converter Adapter Module Interface Board

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✅ The FT232 module is a non-isolated, industry-compatible USB to RS485 USB to serial adapter. It has a USB 2.0 Type B female connector on one side and on the other side a 3pin pluggable port for connection to the RS485 interface.
✅ The USB to RS485 TTL USB Serial Converter Adapter FT232 corresponds to the USB2.0 standard, is backwards compatible and corresponds to the standard RS485. It has direction control with the use of automatic data flow control, automatic differentiation and control of the data transmission direction with a baud rate of 300-9216000bps, and automatically detects the serial signal data rate.
✅ USB serial adapter is designed for an audio station and is used for a microphone or an audio signal cable. It is a voltage chip, the voltage is wide and stable. It is comfortable for frequent and input signals with five buttons.
✅ The size of the USB adapter is 75×18×14 mm. The charging capacity it supports multipoint, each converter allows to connect the RS485 interface device 32.

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This USB adapter can be used in many ways. Because of its core functionality of connecting a PC to up to 32 RS485 devices, anything between prototyping or testing to building a complete network of compatible devices is possible. Our adapter works with Windows, Linux and even Mac OS.


  • This converter provides bi-directional serial communication signal conversion between the RS485 to and from a personal computer USB port using a virtual serial COM port.

Technical details

Type USB adapter
Packing No
Directional control Use of automatic data flow control, automatic discrimination and control of data transmission direction.
Baud rate 300-9216000bps, automatic detection of serial signal data rate
Interface protection TVS tube protection, USB self-recovery protection Supports Windows98/ME/2000/XP/WIN7/8/10/Vista, Linux, Mac
Chipset FT232

Load capacity:

The serial converter supports multipoint, each converter allows the connection of 32 RS485 interface devices Interface protection: TVS

Reliable communication:

To ensure reliable communication, it is recommended that the number of devices on the bus be limited to approximately 10 to 15. When determining the maximum number of devices that can be connected to a single RS485 bus, the bus length, baud rate, and data transmission requirements must also be considered.

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