HD44780 2004 LCD Display Bundle 4x20 characters with I2C interface green

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✅4 Zeilen zu je 20 Zeichen
✅Grünes Backlight / Hintergrundbeleuchtung
✅Abmessungen: 98x60x12mm
✅5V Versorgungsspannung

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This high contrast AZ-Delivery LCD module 4x20 with an integrated HD44780 controller and integrated I2C interface allows the display of 20x4 characters in black font on a green background. The display is connected directly to the 16 GPIO ports.

The I2C-FC113 adapter allows you to reduce the cabling effort.

The changeable addresses allow you to run up to 6 of these display combinations on one microcontroller. The addresses on the port expander can be changed by inserting a solder jumper.

With the included jumpers and potentiometer you can also control the backlight or the contrast of the display independently from the code. For microcontrollers well documented libraries exist, e.g. NewliquidCrystal.

The operating temperature of the LCD display is: -30 ~ + 60 ° C.

The pin definition: GND; VCC; SDA; SCL.

For more information about the product, please refer to datasheet and e-book.

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