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✔️ The 12V thermoelectric peltier element is easy to install and operate. In a few minutes, the module can become ice cold or bring something to a boil by simply reversing the polarity.
✔️ Each Peltier cooler is delivered fully tested and inspected.
✔️ The TEC1 Peltier element must be used in conjunction with a heat sink or thermal paste to prevent damage.
✔️ Application: CPU cooler to alternative power sources, for a cooler when camping or for your own individual car drink hot and cool.

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The TEC1Peltier module with 3A power is small, easy to use and perfect for CPU coolers, alternative power sources or for a bottle cooler.

The Peltier element heats one side and cools the other.

You can choose which side gets cold and which gets hot by reversing the polarity of the Peltier element.Peltier coolers can be used in series or parallel.

Detailed information on the use of Peltier elements can also be found in our blog series:
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