Crocodile terminals 28mm electrical clamp with protective insulation in red and black

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Thanks to the high -quality nickel -plated iron from which these aligator clamps were made, the product is safe, very heat -resistant and versatile.
Not only are they environmentally friendly, but are also made of insulating materials that are extremely resistant and durable.
The PVC isolating cover ensures high security when using in projects. The assembly is also uncomplicated and quick.
Various application, as well as easy entry with the product are additional advantages of the terminals.

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These modules are extremely simple and safe to use. Due to the PVC insulation, they are very temperature-resistant and thus ideal for school use and practice.

Special features:

  • Material of the sleeve: PVC
  • Material of the clamp: nickel -plated
  • Function: electrical testing, test setups, prototypes
  • Length of the clamp: 28mm
  • Color of the sleeve: red/ black

Technical specifications

Material Plastic, iron
Size 28mm
Connection Crush connection, losable
Housing Plastic
Weight 1.47/unit

Good conductivity

Thanks to the nickel-plated iron material from which these alligator clips are made, you can be sure that they are good electrical conductors and will not rust. They are also suitable for connecting components with wires.

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