84 x 48 Pixel LCD display module with backlight for Nokia 5110 and Joystick PS2 Gamepad

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✅Das AZ-Delivery Nokia 5110 ist ein einfaches Grafik-LCD-Display für viele Anwendungen.
✅Es verwendet den PCD8544-Controller, der auch im Nokia 3310 LCD verwendet wird.
✅Sehr geringer Stromverbrauch!
✅Verbindung mit Mikrokontrollern durch eine Busschnittstelle

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LCD display with 84 x 48 pixels With backlight for Nokia 5110 and Joystick PS2 Gamepad

  • The AZ-Delivery Nokia 5110 is a simple graphic LCD display for many applications.
  • It uses the PCD8544 controller, which is also used in the Nokia 3310 LCD.
  • Very low power consumption!
  • Resolution: 84x48 pixels
  • Illumination: 4 LEDs, blue, 2 each on the left and right side
  • dimensions of the display: ca. 36x26 mm WxH
  • Dimensions of the module: ca. 43x45x13 mm WxHxD (incl. contacts)
  • Connection with microcontrollers through a bus interface
  • Buy now from AZDelivery and you will get constant high quality, fast delivery from Germany and guaranteed invoice including VAT.

Today's cell phones have a resolution that is many times higher than that of this display.

But back then, when the Nokia 5110 was launched in 1998, it was a high-quality blockbuster and could not be missed by any business woman or man. Legendary are of course the good old Snake times - on 84x48 pixels we all tried to get a longer line than everyone in our circle of friends.

The display of the classic can now also be integrated into your application - because 84x48 pixels are still enough to display information today. Our high-contrast Nokia 5110 display is illuminated by 4 bright blue LEDs.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Ready built OLED display as shown.
  • Usual high quality and fast delivery directly from Germany by ordering at AZ-Delivery as well as FREE eBook to download!
  • Of course you will receive a fully automatic and guaranteed invoice including VAT and according to German standards when buying through AZDelivery.
  • Guaranteed ROHS conformity through purchase from German dealer

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