LED light emitting diodes assortment kit, 350 pieces, 3mm & 5mm, 5 colours

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✔️ OPTIMUM SIZE: The single-color LEDs come in 3 and 5 mm diameters - the right size for every application!
✔️ SPECIAL EFFECT LEDs: White emitting diodes light intensity:14250mcd. Special effect LEDs: UV light and flashing in 7 colors slow/fast (RGB).
✔️ INDIVIDUAL COLOR SELECTION: Individual color selection is made possible by the Common Cathode and Common Anode LEDs, the Red, Green and Blue LEDs are individually addressable here and can be mixed as desired.
✔️ BREADBOARD COMPATIBILITY: Best for breadboard use, the LEDs hold securely in the breadboard.

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3mm 5mm LED light emitting diodes assortment kit, 350 pieces, 5 colours

In this LED assortment there is something for every hobbyist. It contains single colour LEDs in white, red, blue, yellow and green.

There are 30 of each of these colours with 3mm diameter and 30 with 5mm diameter. The special LEDs are included only with 5mm diameter.

These include the UV LEDs, the RGB LEDs with Common Cathode (CC) and Common Anode (CA), and the fast and slow flashing RGB LEDs.

With the CC and CA LEDs, the three installed diodes can be controlled independently of each other. This allows an almost free choice of the LED colour. The flashing LEDs on the other hand are not adjustable, the change between the 7 colours is present.

The UV LEDs emit usable UV radiation, i.e. they can be used for curing adhesives and resins, with UV activation. Also the typical nail glue for gel nails can be cured with these LEDs. All LEDs in this set are suitable for use on a breadboard, they are securely stuck and will not fall out.

Diameter 3mm:

30x white; 30x red; 30x blue; 30x yellow; 30x green.

Diameter 5mm:

30x white; 30x red; 30x blue; 30x yellow; 30x green; 10x UV LED; 10x RGB common anode; 10x RGB common cathode; 10x RGB (fast flashing); 10x RGB (slow flashing).


White: approx. 2.4V; Red: approx. 1.9V; Blue: approx. 2.3V; Yellow: approx. 1.8V; Green: approx. 2.5V; UV LED: approx. 2.9V; RGB common anode: approx. 2.4V; RGB common cathode: approx. 2.4V; RGB (fast flashing): approx. 2.6V; RGB (slow flashing): approx. 2.6V

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