MCP2515 CAN BUS Module Compatible with Arduino

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✔️ The MCP2515 CAN Bus Module is a stand-alone Controller Area Network (CAN) bus module that implements the CAN specification, version 2.0 B, and converts it to an SPI interface.
✔️ With the MCP2515, the CAN bus is connected to the microcontrollers via an SPI interface.
✔️ The 120-Ohm terminating resistors and impedance matching of the CAN shield provide drive capacity and remote data transmission against signal noise.
✔️ Communication speed up to 1Mb/s

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The CAN Bus Shield implements the CAN specification version 2.0B and supports a communication speed of up to 1Mb/s. 

The length in the data field is from 0 to 8 bytes with standard and extended data and remote frame. 

The MCP2515 CAN-to-SPI bus has a DC5V power supply module and an SPI interface.


✔️ Size: 40 x 28 mm
✔️ Standby power: 1UA
✔️ Operating current: 5MA
✔️ Interfaces: Can and Spi
✔️ Operating temperature: from -40c to +85c
✔️ Operating voltage: 5V DC
✔️ Suitable for microcontroller projects

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