AZ-MEGA2560-Board with Prototyping Shield for AZ-MEGA2560-Board

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✔️ 100% pin and code compatible to the well-known AZ-Mega2560 board!
✔️ ATmega2560 chipset with 16 MHz clock frequency, 256 KB flash memory (incl. 8 KB for bootloader), 8 KB SRAM and 4 KB EEPROM memory; easy PC connection via CH340G USB converter.
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ AZ-Delivery quality and fast delivery from Germany by buying from AZ-Delivery Vertriebs GmbH!

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By buying the AZ-MEGA2560-Board you save money and get the concentrated power of the original. Due to the same pin layout and the ATmega2560 chipset, you don't have to make any code adjustments and can access the complete shield range, which is also compatible with the original Mega.

The AZ-MEGA2560-Board can be powered directly from the PC or optionally from an external power source with 5.5 x 2.1 mm connector (min. 6V, max. 20V; 7-12V are recommended).

A CH340G converter handles the communication via USB with the PC. Even extensive sketches with up to 248 KB memory can be uploaded (8 KB of the 256 KB flash memory is taken by the bootloader). Furthermore the 16 MHz clocked Atmega2560 has 8 KB SRAM and 4 KB EEPROM memory. There are 54 digital I/O pins available, 15 of them with 8-bit PWM as well as 6 external interrupt pins and 16 analog inputs with 10 bit resolution. Data transfer is handled by two hardware serial connections, SPI and I²C.

For the first steps after purchase you will receive a free tutorial eBook with installation and programming instructions. The link is enclosed with your ordered goods and of course you will receive them in the usual high quality and a fast delivery from Germany by buying at AZ-Delivery!

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