Micro SD Card D1 Mini Shield Adapter - 8 Pin 3.3V SD Card Reader Module with SPI Interface, Compatible with Arduino

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✅ This module is a Micro SD Card Shield for D1 Mini Class ESP8266 Wifi 32 bit Microcontroller development boards.
✅ Uses 4 I/O ports D4-D7 for serial communication, SPI interface with pin D4 as Chip Select (CS) pin.
✅ It was specially developed for the D1 Mini series of ESP8266 based development boards. This shield contains two 8-pin headers.
✅ This is great for storing data like web pages or image files, or really anything you need to load or save that doesn't fit in the 4mb onboard memory.

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The AZDelivery module (MicroSD Card Shield) is a micro SD card reader and allows reading and writing SD cards. It can be used to store and read data, images or text.


  • Slot Size: Micro SD
  • Included headers: 2x 8-pin male


  • Pinout:
  • D4 - SS
  • D7 - MOSI
  • D6 - MISO
  • D5 - CLK

Data acquisition

The SD card module is especially useful for projects that require data logging. The D1 Mini can create a file on an SD card to write and save data using the SD library.

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