PAM8403 digital mini audio amplifier 2x 3 Watt DC 5V power amplifier board with potentiometer for DIY speakers and headphones

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✅ The mini stereo amplifier is a small practical amplifier chip with high amplification efficiency, excellent sound quality, which is not affected by the temperature rise.
✅ This digital amplifier board has excellent noise cancellation and provides high-fidelity sound quality.
✅ High efficiency 90%: can supply 3W (left channel) + 3W (right channel) when 4Ω load and 5V power supply are used.
✅ The potentiometer switches the power supply directly counterclockwise and can take over the original anti-clock gear.

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The AZ-Delivery Mini PAM8403 is a small 3 Watt amplifier, which has the function to highlight a digital chip. The operating voltage is 5V, overvoltage and reverse polarity protection is not implemented. 


  • Thanks to the supply voltage of 5V, the product is ideal for tinkering with microcontrollers. 
  • The potentiometer turns on the module and sets the volume. 


  • Audio amplifier module Can be supplied with electricity via a USB power supply.
  • 3WX2 (5V 4Ω).
  • High efficiency

Technical specifications

Operating voltage



-0.3 TO VDD + 0.3V


4 Ohms

Maximum power

3W X2


20 x 28 x 13 mm


approx. 9g

More extensive scope

The application of the PAM 8403 is very suitable for battery powered or portable electronic products, but also for continuous operation.

Excellent performance

Reasonable circuit design: the module is manufactured on a 1.6mm thick PCB, 470µf capacitors do the filtering.

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