Prototyping Shield for D1 Mini NodeMCU ESP8266

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✅ Der D1 Mini Prototyping Shield ist so konzipiert, dass Sie Ihren D1 Mini um verschiedene Komponenten erweitern können.
✅ Produktgröße: 25mm x 28mm
✅ Lochabstand: 0,1 Zoll
✅ Anzahl der Prototyping-Löcher: 70

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The AZ-Delivery Prototyping Shield for D1 Mini is specifically designed for use with D1 Mini and Mini Pro development boards.

It is a thin, rigid board with holes pre-drilled at standard intervals in a square grid of 2.54 mm (0.1 inch) spacing.
These holes are rimmed with round or square copper pads, but untreated boards are also available.
This allows you to create your own custom shielding that can then be plugged directly into the D1 Mini.
Included with the PCB are 3 sets of pins (solder) that allow multiple shields to be stacked on top of each other.
The PCB allows unrestricted access to all D1 Mini interface pins including the power supply.


✔️2 pcs x Long female pins.
✔️2 pcs. x Short female pins
✔️2 pcs. x Normal pins
✔️1 pcs x Prototyping Board Shield.

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