PWM Signal Generator Duty Cycle with 1Hz-150Khz 3.3V-30V Frequency Generator Rectangular Waveform Generator

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The frequency generator has a voltage range of DC 3.3-30V, PWM frequency range is 1Hz-150kHz and duty cycle range is 0%-100%.
The module has four independent keys for setting the frequency and the cycle. By keeping the buttons pressed, the values are changed quickly.
The parameters of the PWM module are automatically saved and they are not lost when the power is turned off.
High quality: Thanks to the good workmanship and manufacturing quality, the product has a long service life.

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The AZ-Delivery frequency module has a wide frequency range and is precise. The amplitude of the PWM signal is equal to the supply voltage of the module.


  • The signal generator has a pulse module
  • Generates adjustable pulses for MCU use
  • Equipped with LCD display for frequency indication
  • Wide frequency range
  • High precision
  • Four independent buttons
  • Simple operation
  • No batteries required

Technical specifications

Operating voltage 3.3 - 30V
Frequency range 1Hz - 150kHz
Frequency accuracy 2%
Ambient temperature -20 - +70 C
Weight of the device 10g

Wide frequency spectrum

This generator can be used as a square wave generator (for the MCU and to control the corresponding circuit).

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