Radio alarm clock with the AZ-Touch and ESP32 Dev Kit - with touch screen control

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✅ With this cheap bundle you get the products, for the rebuilding of the radio alarm from our blog.
✅ The special feature is the 2.8 inch touchscreen operation. For this purpose, the AZ-Touch is included in the set.
✅Both amplifier modules and speakers are included for a good sound output.
✅Please note that depending on the implementation, additional accessories may be required. For more information, see the product description and blog post.

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Radio alarm clock with the AZ-Touch and ESP32

After the great interest in the blogs about the Internet radio follows a new version as radio alarm clock with internet connection. It is based on the AZ-Touch with the ESP32 Dev Kit and is operated exclusively with the touchscreen. There are features like different alarm times, sleep timer, brightness settings and more. Another highlight is the wireless OTA update option.

For the blog, we have put together a nice set with the four most important products and with a 42% discount compared to the individual prices, you can also start the project much cheaper with it.

As always, the offer is only valid while stocks last. For special sets like this, we can unfortunately only provide a certain number.

The following products of the project are included in the bundle:

These products are additionally required depending on the implementation:

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