Raspberry Pi: Compendium: Linux, programming and projects

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✅Der Raspberry Pi hat die Welt der Bastler revolutioniert: Trotz seiner nur kreditkartengroßen Form ist er ein vollwertiger Mini-Computer und bietet nahezu unbegrenzte Möglichkeiten für spannende Projekte in verschiedensten Bereichen.
✅Mit diesem Buch lernen Sie praxisnah die notwendigen Grundlagen des Betriebssystems Linux zur effizienten Arbeit mit dem Pi, die Programmierung mit Python sowie die Grundlagen der Elektronik.
✅Den Abschluss des Buchs bilden umfassende Beispielprojekte zum Nachbauen. So könne Sie die Möglichkeiten des Raspberry Pi voll ausnutzen und eigene Ideen umsetzen!
✅Umfangreiche Praxisprojekte wie ein Roboter, Smart Mirror oder eine Wetterstation mit Webinterface dienen als Vorlagen für eigene Projekte

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The comprehensive guide to the Raspberry Pi!

The Raspberry Pi has revolutionized the world of hobbyists: Despite its only credit card-sized form, it is a full-fledged mini computer and offers almost unlimited opportunities for exciting projects in various areas. With this book you will learn the necessary basics of the Linux operating system for efficient work with the PI, programming with python and the basics of electronics. Comprehensive sample projects for reconstruction are concluded with the conclusion of the book. In this way, she can fully exploit the possibilities of the Raspberry Pi and implement her own ideas!


Content of the book:

  • Setup and commissioning of the Raspberry Pi
  • Disory introduction to work with the Linux operating system
  • Basics of programming in Python understandable, including programs with graphic surfaces and web applications
  • Comprehensive treatment of the basics of electronics
  • Presentation of many different components such as sensors, engines, displays and additional boards
  • Application of what you have learned in ten large practical projects


Advantages of this book:

  • Solid background knowledge for your own projects by explaining all electronics, programming and Linux basics
  • Simple, practical explanations contribute to a quick understanding
  • Examples of use help to apply what they have learned and ensure the sustainable learning success
  • Extensive practical projects such as a robot, smart mirror or a weather station with web interface serve as templates for your own projects
  • All circuit diagrams, source codes and eBook version available free of charge for download


With this book you get a comprehensive introduction to the Raspberry Pi in order to be able to implement your own projects with the Raspberry Pi!

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