LED Ring 5V RGB WS2812B 12-Bit 37mm

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✔️ 12 luminous LEDs
✔️ addressable individually
✔️ For Arduino, Digispark and many more
✔️ Inner diameter 27mm, outside diameter 38mm

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Our AZ-Delivery RGB-Led-Ring with 12 LEDs impresses with its high luminosity at low power consumption.

The used WS2812 are individually addressable, need only one data line and can display a large color space.

Due to the twelve LEDs, the module is well suited to implement clocks or, for example, to accentuate a camera lens.

Due to the widespread use of WS2812 diodes, the product is compatible with most microcontrollers with 5V logic level and different libraries are available for easy application.

✔️27mm inner diameter, 38mm outer diameter.
✔️Ideal for clock projects.
✔️Single addressable
✔️High circulation and popular in the community

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