TCS3200 Color Sensor TCS230 Color Sensor Module

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✅ Chip: TAOS TCS3200 RGB Sensor
✅ Eingangsspannung: DC 3 ~ 5V
✅ Hellweiße LEDs zur gleichmäßigen Ausleuchtung
✅ Abmessungen: 31,6x24,4mm (L x B)

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The TCS3200 and the TCS230 are color sensors that can detect and measure the intensity of different colors in the visible light spectrum. The TCS3200 is a color sensor that can detect a wide range of colors, while the TCS230 is a more sensitive sensor that can detect a narrower range of colors with higher precision. Both sensors are typically used in applications such as color detection, color identification and color sorting.
  • Chip: TAOS TCS3200 RGB Sensor
  • Input voltage: DC 3 ~ 5V
  • Bright white LEDs for uniform illumination
  • Dimensions: 31.6x24.4mm (L x W)
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