TEMT6000 analog ambient light sensor module, light sensor for ambient light with good linear output

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High quality and performance: The light module is made of high -quality metals that improve the overall performance of the module and increase the work intensity.
Adaptive module: The photo resistance module is able to adapt to the speed and reactionability of the human eye.
Long -lived material: The materials from which the form module consists of are extremely durable and designed for a long service life. Even after a long time, the LDR sensor guarantees its quality.
Using comfortably: Our module is also extremely comfortable to use. It is intuitive, i.e. you can operate it according to your intuition. Bright variants mean that they consume more electricity, less light means less electricity.

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Light sensors have many practical applications today, especially in devices with automatic brightness control for their screens and in digital cameras to adapt the exposure. With the Ambient Light Sensor Breakout, it is a child's play to produce an interface to the Temt6000 Motion Sensor Light so that you can identify the ability of lighting level into any project.


  • The TEMT6000 sensor has a maximum sensitivity of 570 Nm and a half -angle of plus/minus 60 °.
  • The device is only sensitive to ambient light, i.e. infrared (IR) spectra are not recorded. Therefore, the sensor can be solved with IR reflow processes without any problems.

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