TM1637 6 digit blue LED display 7 segment display module with 0.56 inch, 5V display module compatible with Raspberry Pi

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This display module is a digital display that contains a practical 6-digit display module with TM1637 driver chip.
The brightness of the digital display is adjustable on the software side and the supply voltage is 5V.
The control interface is a total of four pins (CLK, DIO, GND, VCC), CLK is the clock signal pin, DIO of the data input and output pin, GND to ground, and VCC is the power supply.
Only 2 signal lines are required for the single-chip microcomputer control.

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The AZ-Delivery 6 digit display is your bright choice for fast and energy saving display of counters, the time or a highscore for self-built mini-games. The control works easily via one of the numerous open source libraries available on the internet.

Special features

  • Bright display for 6 characters with 7 segments each and separated by dots
  • Controllable via only 4 pins
  • Easy programming through open source libraries

Technical data

Input voltage 5V
Color Blue
Dimensions 95 x 26 x 12.5 mm
Driver chip TM1637

Ideal compatibility

Thanks to the ideal compatibility with various microcontroller boards, you can connect the display easily and quickly, saving time on your project.

Easy wiring

By using only 4 wires, you can reduce the wiring effort and integrate the display into numerous projects quickly and easily.

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