Tonuino Set (MP3 Player, AZ-Nano V3-Board, RFID KIT and 10 x 13.56 MHz RFID cards)

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✔️ AZ-Nano V3-Board with ATmega328P chipset with 16 MHz clock frequency and 32 KB flash memory (incl. 2 KB for Bootloader); simple PC connection via CH340G-USB converter, is ready for use! The AZ-Nano V3-Board is delivered in the Tonuino Arduino Kit already ready soldered.
✔️ Azdelivery Mini MP3 Player supports FAT16, FAT32 file systems, maximum support 32G TF card, supports U-hard drive to 32g, 64m bytes NORFLASH
✔️ RFID Kit RC522 ensures a FASTER START due to already available libraries and SPI interface.
✔️ Extra set of 10 pieces RFID cards with the 13.56MHz frequency fit perfectly with our AZDelivery RFID Arduino Kit.

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Tonuino, the DIY music box (not only) for children

The latest updates to Tonuino can be found here:
Tonuino RFID 13.56 MHz 13.56 MHz Arduino Raspberry Pi Nano V3.0 CH340 ATMEGA MINI MPR DFPlayer
I was looking for a cheap and, above all, comfortable solution for a children's music box for a long time. Of course there are the commercial solutions and some DIY projects online. However, the commercial solutions are too flexible for my taste and most DIY solutions are based on a Raspberry Pi and are usually quite chunky. In addition, none of these solutions have been able to offer a clever solution for programming the RFID cards.

The DFPlayer Mini already has a small mono amplifier. So you can drive a passive loudspeaker directly and I think it even sounds really good! If that's not enough: the module also spends a stereo signal. If you add a small amplifier, you can get even more sound out and use two boxes as a stereo couple.

The Tonuino takes so little space, for example you can install it directly into a passive shelf speaker. Otherwise there are no limits to your creativity. I'm looking forward to what kind of ideas you come. Another advantage of the AZ-Nano V3-Board compared to a Raspberry Pi is that the AZ-Nano V3-Board is ready to go in 1-2 seconds and does not have to be shut down to switch it off. It needs significantly less electricity and can therefore be carried out super through a battery pack.

Required hardware:

  • AZ-Nano V3-Board (if you work without my circuit board, a UN or AZ-MEGA2560-Board is also possible)
  • Dfplayer mini
  • Rfid kit rc522
  • A passive shelf speaker (usually only in a double pack) / any loudspeaker
  • Micro SD card (maximum 32 GB)
  • some small stuff (cable, 1k resistor, buttons)
  • (optional) a Tonuino board

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