Digital amplifier board TPA3116D2 with two channel preamplifier

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✅ The amplifier board is composed of the high-performance original chip "TPA3116D2" and a 2-channel stereo amplifier, with an output power of 2x50W. The load capacity of this amplifier is higher than analog amplifier, where no crossover distortion is caused.
✅ High-efficiency Class D audio amplifiers are built into the board, allowing for high output currents, giving the module excellent audio performance without bulky heat sinks.
✅ The amplifier has a 3.5mm audio input/audio jack auxiliary input. Thanks to the comprehensive shielding of this device, DC current, overvoltage, short circuit, undervoltage and overheating can be prevented. The amplifier board has reverse polarity protection, which has a wide working voltage of DC4.5-26V.
✅ The amplifier is compatible with many input signals, such as AUX or USB. Possible applications of the amplifier would be TVs, notebooks, smartphones and tablet computers. The audio power amplifier module enables very good sound quality.

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Azdelivery TPA3116D2 Digital Amplifier Board

AZ-Delivery TPA3116D2 has excellent performance with extensive application in store advertising, home theater, square speakers, etc. The total failure is avoided thanks to the short circuit and thermal protection, overvoltage, undervoltage and DC contactor.


  • The amplifier module is compatible with many signal levels.
  • This module amplifies audio signals for speakers or headphones
Higher power capability
Only when the input signal level and power supply are sufficient, the full power is available. Please note that additional cooling may be required.

Quality manufacturing

For some years now, so-called class D amplifiers have been manufactured, whereby an additional output filter is no longer required. The module can also be used as a 12V amplifier.

Technical data

  • Input voltage 4.5 V - 24 V
  • Output power 2 x 50 W
  • Impedance 4 - 8 Ohm
  • Frequency range 14-100 kHz
  • Amplifier class D
  • Switching frequency 1.2 MHz
  • dimensions 64 x 51 x 22mm
  • Weight 45g


  • 12V - 20W x 2; 2 x 20W
  • 15V - 2 x 18W x 2; 4 x 30W x 2
  • 19V - 2 x 32W x 40W
  • 24V - 2 x 38W x 2; 4 x 50W x 2

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