WTV020 Sound Audio Module SD Card

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✔️ Module for playing back audio files
✔️ up to 1GB micro SD card with max 512 files (FAT format)
✔️ Supported formats: MP3, 4Bit ADCPM
✔️ Capacity of the micro SD card: 32MB to 2GB

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The Sound Audio Module WTV020 is a small device that can play audio files from an SD card. It is commonly used in projects such as portable DIY speakers, talking stuffed animals and interactive displays. The module can be controlled with a microcontroller to play specific audio files or to control playback options such as volume and playback speed.
It is a popular choice for many DIY sound projects because it is easy to use and relatively inexpensive.

  • Audio File Playback Module
  • up to 1GB micro SD card with max 512 files (FAT format).


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