XL4016 Step-Down Buck Converter DC-DC compatible with Arduino

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✔️ The Step Down Module allows to step down a maximum input voltage of 40 V to 1.2 V - 35 V (adjustable output).
✔️ High output current: the maximum output current can be up to 4A.
✅ Die Induktivität des großen Ferrit-Kerns und der doppelten Kupferverkabelung erhöhen den Wirkungsgrad und reduzieren die Wärme.
✔️ The DC Converter is suitable as a power supply for LEDs (LED driver).

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Our step down module uses a dedicated reference IC and high precision current. 

The two independent heat sinks ensure effective heat dissipation. 

High power current, the maximum output current can reach 4A. 



  • Dimensions: 65x48x24mm (2.6x1.9x1.0inch).
  • Material: PCB board and electronic components
  • Input voltage: 5-40V
  • Output voltage: 1.2-35 V (continuously variable)
  • Output current: 4A (power tube temperature exceeds 65°C, external fan is required)
  • constant current range: 0.2-4A (adjustable)
  • Output power: the maximum power is up to 150W (if the temperature of the power IC exceeds 65°C, an external fan is required).

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